You are not alone

Worry that brings us to a solution can be productive but excessive anxiety robs us of peace.
Anxiety can develop a life of its own. You may find that certain types of situations trigger anxiety and that when one worry is quieted another takes its place. People who worry too much often feel tortured by their own thoughts and seek relief through avoidance of situations, excessive escape through substances, shopping, or too much screen time. If you find that you worry too much, know that help is possible.

How I can help your anxiety

Working with anxiety involves understanding the nature and source of the worry, working with thoughts to make them less scary, working with the body to help it relax, working with life situations to make them better, and working with energy to clear fears. Many people who come to me say, “I know I shouldn’t worry so much about this, but…” If you’re one of these people, or if you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, please call. I enjoy helping worriers find a better way of being and to minimize their fear and anxiety.

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